Freeing you as the Insolvency Practitioner to work on the other challenging aspects of each case, whilst we assist the claimants in a calm and professional manner

Outsourced ERA services

With Evolve’s ERA services, you have comprehensive support for Employment Rights Act issues from the moment you bring us in.

Your team are freed from both dealing with claims and the stress of handling employees in shock. You know your statutory duties will be taken care of, claims dealt with efficiently, and redundant staff looked after.

It’s the cost-effective and effort-free way to tick ERA work off the list at the same time as slashing the risk of employee claims coming out of the woodwork later.

Compassionate approach

For us, it’s always a priority to treat employees affected by insolvency as real people rather than just names on a form. Our caring and compassionate approach makes people feel supported and helps them through the process as painlessly as possible. You can be sure you’re both doing the right thing by employees and protecting your client’s reputation.

Flexible services

Our ERA services are available on a case-by-case basis or as part of a full outsourced solution.

We can step in at any point. For the most efficient approach and no delays to payments, bring us in right at the start. But if you’re already part way through a case and need help, that’s fine too.

What our ERA services include

Here’s what our ERA experts can do for you:

Manage employee consultation

We support you through as much or as little of the statutory consultation process as is possible in the timeframe available. By advising on the best steps to take to show the company did everything practical in the circumstances, we help you minimise the amount of any protected award should workers go to a tribunal for failure to consult.

Find and collate pay and contract information

Half the battle with RPS claims can be finding correct and up-to-date information. As part of our service we will search for, current directors, employee names and contact details, employee contracts, payroll records, and more. We speak to directors, and get in touch directly with employees if we need to know more.

Support employee claims

We write to each member of staff to explain the situation and the claims process, and we provide the figures they need for both preferential and non-preferential claims as quickly as possible. It’s a priority for us to help get RPS claims in fast so payments aren’t delayed.

Finalise payroll, tax and NI

A key part of the service is to finalise payroll, tax and NI, issue P45s, and issue P45’s, make the RTI submissions and for year end P60’s and P11d’s. We can provide payroll expertise and advise and payroll processing should a payroll service be required for a short period.

Look after personnel records

If we can distribute personnel records to staff while we’re on site, we will. Otherwise, we hold records securely for up to 4 years (at which point we send them back to the IP).

Provide an on-site presence

We can be with you at the staff meeting, taking the pressure off your team by providing immediate help and advice to employees. Where the company is still trading, we can stay on site to track down information and help people one-to-one as they make their claims.

Provide accurate claim figures early

Whatever each employee’s employment status, our detailed calculations provide accurate and correct figures for both RPS claims and balancing claims for dividend purposes. We make sure nothing is missed: maternity, paternity and sick pay, holiday pay, overtime, commission, pay the employee might have been entitled to should they have worked their contractual notice period.

If you use the IPS platform, we’ll send files for you to upload. If not, no problem – we’ll email the data in Excel.

Submit RPS paperwork

You can rely on us to complete RPS forms correctly and submit them promptly. No delays.

Provide a telephone helpline

Our Evolve Assist helpline provides advice and support for employees as they go through the claim process.

Provide support for tribunal cases

Where the insolvency leads to any employee taking a claim to tribunal, we do the groundwork and produce letters to support the company’s case. It’s unlikely you will need to engage a lawyer (giving you a substantial saving on legal fees).

Whether you need help now or simply want to talk about how we could work together, give us a call on 0121 333 1295 or…

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