Safe hands to help you stay on top of case closure

Insolvency case closing services

We can provide qualified and experienced case staff to help IPs close insolvency cases.

If you have more cases waiting to be closed than you can cope with, our closing service is the simple and cost-effective solution. The breadth of experience within the team means you can be sure your work is in safe hands, and we’ll always use your existing checklists so you know your procedures are being followed to the letter.

Flexible services

Whether you have a handful of cases waiting to be closed or hundreds, we can help.

We’re typically called in after a regulator has visited, found too many cases open, and requested a substantial batch of closures. But of course there’s no need to wait until things get to that stage – it’s always better to clear the decks before the regulator comes along!

What our case closing services include

Here’s what our insolvency case closing team can do for you:

Review case files to check for outstanding issues

As we review the case files and handover notes, we’ll look out for any issues that may still need addressing and let you know what we find.

Calculate and submit the final corporation tax and VAT returns

Two crucial tasks to tick off the list. We’ll calculate the figures, advise you of any liability or refund due, and submit the final returns.

Deal with any unclaimed dividends

We handle the remitting of unclaimed dividends to the Insolvency Service (after consulting with your bank to make sure they are aware, in case a cheque is subsequently presented for payment).

Deal with post closure documentation

The final tying up of any remaining paperwork and return of the files to you.

Identify unrealised assets and anomalies

We produce a list of unrealised assets and assets which have realised significantly less than was expected, and get an explanation for each from the IP responsible.

Obtain HMRC clearance

We make the application for closure clearance, then chase HMRC as necessary to avoid any further delays.

Draft and circulate the final account

Recognising the importance of the final account in giving creditors confidence in the process, we give clear explanations that minimise queries. We then send you the closure documentation in your format ready for your signature for your office to send out.

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