A dedicated helpline for client firm employees and creditors

Evolve Assist insolvency case helpline

Imagine never having to take calls from unhappy employees or upset creditors. How much time would your team save? How much less stressed would they be?

And wouldn’t it be good to know you can say yes to cases even where creditor/employee calls are expected to be higher than you could cope with in-house?

Enter the Evolve Assist helpline.
With Evolve Assist, insolvency case employees and other creditors can contact us direct for queries and support.

It’s the easy and effective way to free your team from the disruption and stress caused by what can so often be time-consuming and difficult calls.

At the same time, you improve both the service you give to creditors and the offer you can present to potential clients. Your team might have a dozen other priorities that make it hard for them to give people the attention they deserve. Our helpline puts callers first.

You can use Evolve Assist on a case-by-case basis or as part of a full outsourced solution.

Informed responses

Callers get an informed response from a knowledgeable and experienced insolvency professional. If we’re also providing ERA or pensions support for the case, we’ll already have details to hand. If we’re not, simply give us the background to the case. Where a particularly precise message is vital, you can provide a script.

Sensitive approach

With callers often in shock, facing substantial financial losses, or both, we take a sensitive and sympathetic approach. We never rush callers. We might not be able to give good news, but we’ll explain in full and listen for as long as it takes to leave people feeling someone cares.

Cost effective option

You pay a daily rate for each person on the phone. We monitor and report on call volumes, adjusting the agreed resources as needed. You can see exactly how much time is being spent on calls – and how much extra time you’ve freed up for your own team’s priority tasks.

To talk to us about how Evolve Assist can help your team and your business, call us on 0121 333 1295 or…

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